Fun With Cards: Concentration!

Fun With Cards: Concentration!

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Looking for an inexpensive, fun game which will engage and excite your pre-school child, stimulating learning through play?

There is a brilliant and dizzying array of technological games available. But more and more parents, grandparents, favourite aunts and uncles, nannies, childminders and others are searching for ways to support and encourage young learners in developing face-to-face communication skills because they are concerned about how much time will be spent on technological play during a child's formative years.

This book, which has been successfully trialled by Montessori Pre-School will ensure you delight in inspiring your little ones, revving up their enthusiasm to love card play, whilst giving them boundless opportunities for learning number and communication skills.

'The game is simplified, easily understood and well thought out. Easily interpreted and the children loved it.'
Katie (B.Sc) Montessori Pre-School


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