Partnership Whist in No Trumps

Partnership Whist in No Trumps

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Developing skills in numeracy, logic, memory and mental agility. For 6+ year olds.

How to start your 6+ year old child/grandchild/nephew/niece/godchild on the journey of developing the basic card skills of a partnership pre bridge game

You do not have to be a bridge player to start your youngster on their bridge journey making new friends.

Card play and especially Partnership Pre Bridge card games are essentially about instant face-to-face friendships. Feel the warmth as you listen to youngsters giggling together as they bond with new friends through the thrill of card play fun. Instant conversation and best friends within minutes as they share in the thrall of partnership card play challenges and techniques.

You and your players can learn together as you coach, encourage, motivate and inspire your youngster into achieving the basic friendship skills of a card playing pre bridge partnership game.

What do you need to get started?

one youngster 6+ and three players 6 to 100+ years of age
one packet of 52 playing cards
this step-by-step instruction book
lots of available time slots of 15 minutes for each coaching session.


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