Continuo Game - NEW

Continuo Game - NEW

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1-5 Players,  Age 5 to 105,  Game Time 25-30 Minutes. 

Created by the bridge player Maureen Hiron, Continuo is a game with a perfect blend of skill and luck. A five-year-old can play on equal terms with all other ages, providing equal enjoyment to all. Up to five can play together, yet the game can prove equally pleasing as a solo patience puzzle. It can be understood in seconds even by the very young and transcends all language barriers. No two games play the same, giving it everlasting life.

Omar Sharif “Simply brilliant – brilliantly simple”.

The game has sold over six million copies since 1982, 

Continuo comprises 42 small, thick card playing tiles, each of which are divided into a 4×4 grid of differently coloured squares. It’s a testament to the game’s vaunted simplicity that the entire set of rules is printed on a card of the same size. The aim of the game is to win points by creating chains from the coloured squares, with one point for each square in any chain of the same colour that runs from the card you just placed to at least one other card already on the table.

To begin, the cards are shuffled and placed face down, then the top two are placed face up in the middle of the playing area, matching as many colours as possible. Then players simply take it in turns to take one card at a time from the deck, and place it with as many chains of matching colours as possible. A running total is kept for everyone’s score, so a pen and paper may come in handy, although it’s easier to simply remember your total and add each turn’s score onto it. Once all 42 cards have been used, the highest scorer wins.


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