Bridge Quiz Challenge
Bridge Quiz Challenge

Bridge Quiz Challenge

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104 Bridge Quiz Cards. Achieve amazing results quickly. Use alone or with friends. Questions on the face, answers on the reverse.

These bridge quiz cards make an excellent present for someone learning bridge. They are based on the Acol System with a weak no-trump.

There are two packs – which could be used as playing cards – but are much more useful as a learning aid. The face of the card has a question and on the reverse of the card is the answer with a short explanation. The green pack is a little easier than the red; the club suit is the easiest and the spades a bit more difficult. The low numbers are easier questions than the high number cards and court cards.

They can be used as a game for two, but work very well as a means of testing oneself to see how far you can get through the pack getting all the answers right!

Perfect as a gift for bridge playing friends.



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