Change to the checkout page

We've upgraded our checkout page to be more secure for customers when paying by credit card. When purchasing an order the checkout page will now look a bit different. The process for entering shipping details is the same. However when paying by card, you will now be taken to an external checkout page. This was important for complying with the PSD2 regulation that will be introduced in September 2021 in the UK.

By default the paypal option will be selected. The process for paying by paypal is the same as before. If you want to pay by card instead please select the "credit card" option.


We have screenshots below showing what to expect. First complete the shipping information if needed.

Then you will see a page like the below:

Click on credit card if you want to pay this way and click review order when you are ready to proceed.

You will then be taken to the next page



You will notice that this has a URL containing "" with the secure padlock icon to the left. This may be displayed differently on different web browsers. This is our new external checkout page. You will need to enter your card details in here.

After clicking confirm you will then have a chance to review, and you can click pay now to complete the payment process.

After paying and completing any extra verification needed, you will be redirected back to the bridge-warehouse website. You will see a message saying your order has been confirmed.

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